Spring has sprung!  Well, maybe for our region vs the rest of the United States!

We're getting ready for the prime Spring selling season. 

Here are some tips to get your home/property ready or spruce up your current listing.

One of the most important parts of showing a home is the perception and presentation inside and out. As soon as a buyer arrives they are assessing the property and deciding how much it is worth - to them. 74% of buyers report they do a drive by before they decide whether to schedule a showing. 

Also, staging your home and giving the buyer an experience once you get them in the door!  I can't stress how important this is.  Cold, unwelcoming spaces or those too personalized can detract from your buyer's feel.  You need to promote a welcoming atmosphere and one where they can feel themselves living there.

Here are some basics we like to always have our Sellers consider.

Curb Appeal - While some exterior improvements require major landscaping projects, a significant amount of curb appeal is simple maintenance. Before you hire a contractor to put in a new flowerbed or install a water feature, consider trimming back the bushes, any lawn touch ups, pressure washing the walkway/driveway, a new door mat, blowing off leaves/cob webs, etc.  Repainting your front door.  Gutter cleaning for sure!

Repainting the front facade if needed.

New Paint for the Interior too!

Touch up any scruff marks on walls, stairs or trim as needed.  This always helps. 

If your interior is a little dated, Gray is neutral but trending and hot right now.


It’s not necessary to totally redo a kitchen or bath when a simple coat of paint can have just as an impactful effect. Neutral colors are appealing to a wider audience, so try to avoid any loud or unusual colors. An accent wall in a bold color can make a statement and speak to someone strongly, but it can also be off-putting to others, so use your judgment.

Give Your Cabinets a Face Lift

Trendy pulls and knobs can strike just the right chord

If you want to update your kitchen a bit, consider cabinet refacing. You can hire a professional to refinish the exteriors of your cabinet, or you can simply replace the doors. Even replacing the knobs and handles can have a major impact on the look of the cabinets while staying within a reasonable budget.

Fix the Fixtures - Updated lighting fixtures definitely help.

Appliances - New appliances if needed...a matched brand package...can also set your home's kitchen apart.  If you are unable to do this, a least make sure they are clean inside if someone opens to have a look.  Don't forget the microwave!

A home warranty covering appliances is also good selling tool...even if it's a zub-zero!  

Start Packing! 

Some things are obvious. We realize that if you’re selling your home, this takes a lot of time and energy.  You’ve probably got a million things to keep track of. Preparing for a new job or just the move, handling details for school transfers, new doctors, movers, horse transport and more!  Or just preparing to have your home and property open to prospective buyers.

It's an emotional process all the way around.  But, just take a deep breath and set your determination. Whether your move is in the short or long term, it's best to go ahead and start packing!  De clutter all personal items and excess.  Pack and create areas for "keep" and "donate" when going through your life!  Some personal touches are fine, but you want the buyer to be able to see their things there.

Set the Stage

Once the clutter is gone, take the next step and stage your home.

According to the President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, staging is “the preparation of the home for sale so that buyers can mentally move in.” ...arranging the home so that buyers will feel comfortable and can imagine themselves living in this space. You want your buyer to easily picture themselves living there, rather than feeling like an intruder. 

Sticking with soothing color palettes, finding the best arrangement for the furniture, and setting emotional cues like floral decorations or candles all help.  Neat decor signs with good messaging I also like and set a tone.  I also love to have ambiance enhanced with music.  You want to hit them with visuals, aroma, audio, even taste (cookies anyone?) all part of the aesthetic appeal when entering the property to crossing your threshold.

Any touches you can add to make the home more appealing to visitors has the potential enhance your home’s value and capture your buyer.


For more information and tips on selling your home, feel free to email Teresa Anderson at gahorsefarm@gmail.com